Custom Web Design, E-Commerce & Social Media Marketing

Cetacean Designs offers custom web design services for both static and dynamic websites, from basic templates to complete web sites, with content ranging from strictly informational to e-commerce platforms.

We will design your site with you in charge of the project. In other words, you will always be involved throughout the process. It is very important to the integrity of your website that you offer as many comments, suggestions and questions as possible. That's why constant communication is a must!

Whatever your needs, Cetacean Designs will strive to develop an informative, well-designed, user-friendly site which can be found easily and download quickly.


  • Custom website design or redesign
  • Domain and host account setup
  • E-commerce (shopping cart) options
  • Social media marketing (ie. Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc.)
  • Multimedia enhancements (photo gallery, file downloads, etc.)
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Website maintenance

Project estimates are figured on an hourly or project basis and apply to new designs, redesigns, updates and maintenance.